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Guest Speaker – Prospect Library April 5, 2011   Leave a comment

Prospect Library in Prospect Connecticut on April 5, 2011. From 7pm-8pm talking about my new Book, To Be a Star.

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Girl Scout Career Fair on 02/26/2011   Leave a comment

Question and Answer forum.
I will be at the GS Career Fair on saturday 02/26/2011.
Troop 64004. Millplain Union Church. 242 SouthMayd Road. Waterbury, CT. From 12noon-2pm.

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Web-site update with New Book   Leave a comment

Check out for information on my new book. 

It’s available at most book stores and via Ebook, NookBook and Kindle.

Also check out my other two books “A Distant Star”  volumes One and Two.

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To Be A Star   Leave a comment

This is an excerpt from the back of the book: “It took Taylor five days to cross the country and that was with stops along the way. He camped out briefly with his gear here and there, but if there was a town with a decent hotel, he stayed. People recognized him, and he dutifully signed autographs. Taylor was smart enough to show appreciation for his fans. They got him where he was and he wanted them to keep him there. But it was secretly tedious to him. Even though he came across as a guy with an ego the size of Antarctica, Taylor was basically a humble guy who just wanted to act. The whole Hollywood ego thing was to keep people at a distance and it worked. He didn’t want anyone getting too close, not even Frank. Taylor was the original Solitary Man. Thank you, Neil Diamond, for giving me a moniker. Taylor grinned under his helmet. As Taylor was ruminating on these thoughts, his attention shifted to the huge cement barriers down below through the gated barricades. He only shifted his attention for seconds but it was long enough for Taylor not to see the huge semi that swerved into his lane. Taylor acted instinctively to save his life as his Harley was shaved alongside the huge metal behemoth. Everything went dark and black and the last thing Taylor recalled was flying through the air and terrible pain. Then it was lights out.

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