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TAYLOR BOUDR AIN, HOLLYWOOD HUNK , WANTED A CHALLENGE; TESSA PAT TERSON NEVER SAW LOVE COMING. Taylor Boudrain is bored. He’s the media-proclaimed King of Hollywood—a successful movie star and womanizer. He has everything he could ever want—fame, fortune, and popularity— so why is he so … bored? In a world where everything is handed to him, Taylor wants a challenge. He wants everyone to forget his name, but it’s hard to do in a city filled with his face.  Taylor decides to leave Tinseltown and head out on a cross-country adventure, with nothing but his motorcycle and the cold, hard pavement. Following a collision with a tractor trailer in Western, New York, Taylor wakes up in the ICU. His nurse is Tessa Patterson—a beautiful single mother, raising her son, Andrew, who suffers from autism—and she isn’t impressed by Taylor’s Hollywood charm. Or is she? Taylor and Tessa just might be perfect for each other, but nothing is easy when caring for a child with autism. In order for them to live happily ever after—just like in the movies—Taylor and Tessa must go on emotional and spiritual journeys, learning to support Andrew and support one another.

Posted December 24, 2010 by authorkimberlyfox

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